Meet Raena Mae

Hello, I'm Raena! The owner and esthetician of Sanara. It is my personal mission to help my clients feel confident and beautiful from the inside out. I am passionate about providing services and educating clients to help improve their self image, build confidence, relieve their stress and overall have a loving relationship with themselves.

Ever since I was young I had a strong pull towards beauty and a desire to help people. Over the years I have discovered my passion for green beauty and holistic health practices through my own health and skincare journey. Growing up, my mother and father were both very much naturopaths which I feel as though has made a big impact on my life and brought me a niche for my business. Starting in my early childhood I dealt with migraines, intestinal and skin issues. I began practicing integrative therapies to help alleviate chronic issues. By the age of 11 I was using acupressure to alleviate my migraines and around the age of 15 utilizing hypnotherapy for school and studies. Healthy eating, exercise and everything in between, I have found solace is what would ultimately be a life long journey!

 I believe our daily routines should be a ritualistic experience, taking the time to love and care not only for our skin but for our body and mind! I encourage my clients to look at the bigger picture when treating their skin and to know that their are many different methods that can be utilized to have their best skin and feel absolutely amazing in it! 

Raena is a licensed esthetician with almost a decade of experience. She holds a certificate in Advanced esthetics, oncology esthetics, reiki, make up artistry and volume eyelash extensions. She spends her time volunteering with many different non-profit organizations supporting those with cancer and illnesses. She is also engaged in on going studies of skin, nutrition, yoga, meditation and herbalism. When she is not in the treatment room, she loves spending time with her husband, dogs(and cat) and grateful for good friends and family. Loves to travel, spa days, hiking, beach and paddle boarding, really anything outdoors! 



My treatments for you are tailored as to what and where you are at time of appointment. I take your lifestyle into consideration when planning your treatments. Intuition, integration and innovation, are what I rely on, these 3 III's which have blossomed into a beautiful philosophy that personally works for me and those I am lucky enough to service.  


Practicing and using this skill for many years, I have learned to let my intuition and senses guide me to the correct treatment for my clients, not only for their skin but for the mind body and spirit. I am determined to uncover what it is exactly that you need in the time we have together, whether it be more massage to detox and relax or reiki and crystals to aid in physical or emotional healing!


A specialty I have is using integrative therapies! I provide a combination of my knowledge of modern medical esthetics with ancient modes of healing that I call upon to achieve the absolute best results possible for you. These advanced skin care treatments are clinically effective and safe in treating acne, rosacea, aging, pigmented and oncology skin. I believe that there is more than one way to achieve desired results and combing these modes gives a far more superior outcome. I absolutely love whipping up a customized masque or elixir tonic specifically for my clients and trust me, they do too!


The beauty industry is huge and is in constant progression, so keeping up with the new is a necessity this day in age and essential for my treatments. I find education is very important and something that will always be continuing for me and to be able to teach to my clients so they can achieve their best selves. From therapies that are finding to be most effective, to product ingredients and latest instruments and technology. Being a professional, I have access to this ever-changing information that I am constantly researching, yet sometimes, I am even lucky enough to learn something new from my clients!

It is important for me to use only the purest, natural and most effective ingredients on the skin, I have curated a selection of products without any toxic preservatives and chemicals. Because the FDA does not regulate product ingredients here in the USA I use the European standard for cosmetics. Rest assure, I would never use anything on you that I would not use on myself. In fact, I make sure to try everything myself first before I ever use or send home a product with you!